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Member Spotlight // Jeetu & Kinnari

Photographers & Artists // Membership: Resident //Portfolio:

// Instagram: @jeetukinnari

photographers at a coworking space

Jeetu & Kinnari have a thing for ginormous cities pulsating with chaos and creativity. Shuttling between madcap metropolises like New York and Mumbai, their work and their personalities reflect the dynamism of their environments, telling stories that are at the confluence of their native culture and the one they've adopted. Watching them interact is as entertaining as it is testament to how two strong creative minds live and thrive on the threshold of conflict and artistry.

The Artist's Mind

Their visual storytelling melds the worlds of real and surreal, often with a sense of drama and intrigue. We asked them about their signature style - "We believe as artists we have the privilege to see things differently, create imaginary worlds and tell fabulous stories. We are not limited by our imagination and are constantly pushing its boundaries to create images that are impactful.” With an international dossier of clients that include the likes of L’official, Vogue, Femina, Unilever, Reliance, Puma, L’oreal to name a few, Jeetu & Kinnari's work is diverse but always comes from a cohesive and unique point of view.

Why they love working at Ministry of New

Even though they've been at MoN only for a month, their presence and comfort in the space is palpable. Having a laugh with fellow members in the Library, Jeetu told us why they love working here: “As a space, it gives us what we need to be creative and productive at the same time. There's a spot to put your head down and work, a spot to take a break and assimilate your thoughts when you're feeling blocked, and a great community of people to get to know and be around. It's the perfect environment to do the kind of work we do."



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