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4 things to think about before launching a brand

Gaya Krishnan is a true global citizen and one of the most creative members we've had in our space. A long-time friend of the Ministry of New, she's always around to lend a helping hand. Especially if this involves her killer video editing or writing skills. She often takes up our 10-day membership which gives her the flexibility to work on her films, music, podcasts, photography, and design from an inspiring and comfortable space.


Gaya learned early that making art and telling stories isn’t enough. Art is a two-way street, as are stories. The person listening is as important as the person telling the story. It could be the most brilliant thing ever made, but if no one knows about it, it may as well not exist. But where do you begin and how do you make a mark when there are dizzying amounts of platforms and fellow creators out there within your industry?

It all starts with a vision, a mission and an iron-clad plan of action. So tune into that inner creative frequency and get cracking! 

Have a holistic view of the brand

Ask yourself, what does this idea look like in its leanest form, at a medium scale and then - in its full glory? Having this information right off the bat helps you understand how you can scale up or cut back when needed.

You need numbers!

Build a system of metrics to gauge success and failures, not just in terms of numbers (sales, patrons, etc.) but also happiness quotient, peace of mind and inspiration. If you don't have metrics, you can't measure where you're at in a real way. This comes in handy when making tough decisions about your ideas and brands.

Value your database

Spend time consistently building and nurturing your database and organizing it. This includes your mailing lists, suppliers, resources, press, etc. All of this information is very useful during a crisis. It's one thing to make your audience feel special but it's your relationship with your brand's backend support system that will really help you tide through the rough times. Ministry of New has been amazing for me when it comes to building my network and getting access to really deep and real-time insights.

Think about diversification

Find three ways that you can diversify your idea and brand. List out three off-shoots of the same idea that have a similar audience, earning power, time, and resources needed. A small pivot might be all you need to survive the storm.

Before you go...

Favorite duo?

Chai and vada pav and Tom & Jerry. 

How do you get over a creative block?

I bore myself out of it. If I feel blocked, I usually give myself the time to do nothing and somehow I always reach a point of utter boredom and needing to be creative just to entertain myself. More recently, I visualize myself doing the task at hand and somehow working it all out in my mind step by step, helping me get off my tush and start making things. Collaboration with others is also another way I get myself unblocked. Working with someone else inspires me to bring my best to the equation and has broken me out of many a rut. 

What is your ideal workspace?

Besides having loads of natural light, a great chair, and a decent desk, my ideal workspace is any space that accommodates my moods. I can't sit in one place for too long and my workstation is constantly shifting. Another factor is having books and records around that inspire me when I'm working on something or desperately need to procrastinate. 

When I first discovered the Ministry of New, I felt like it ticked every box and then some, but what I didn't realize is the proximity to creative minds around me and how much I needed that. That has now become part of my ideal workspace - access to cool people doing awesome things. 

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A singer/songwriter and filmmaker. 

What are your daily rituals?

I have only a few daily rituals that I've been dedicated to for a long time, and besides these, I try to keep things flexible as I tend to grow tired of repetition. I journal daily, go for an hour-long walk, sing one song with different variations throughout the day as I work/chill, and I prepare my task list for the next day before I go to bed. These four things keep me grounded and anchored within myself.   

Take Five #34 // Let's talk branding w/ Gaya Krishnan

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020


PS // Like Gaya mentioned, most of our members don't realize just how awesome it is to be connected to a huge network of smart, friendly, and talented people until they join the Ministry of New. For us, this is what the 'co' in coworking is all about!


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