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Meet the sisters of numbers, stats, and unlimited Vada pavs

Vaidehi Sejpal and her sister Hiral run a boutique firm of Chartered Accountants, providing a wide array of financial services. Together with their team, they made one of our Private Offices the main Mumbai hub for DC Sejpal.

"We are in the growth stage. So it's convenient to worry about one thing less; the admin and the HR role of making the workplace a happy place for my team, is taken care of by the Ministry of New."

What are you working on?

I’m currently working on a fraud investigation. Tracing how the funds of a corporation have been misappropriated by the management across jurisdictions.

How did you find us?

Google. The photos of the gorgeous space convinced me to go check it out myself.

What made you join a coworking space?

We are in the growth stage. So it's convenient to worry about one thing less; the admin and the HR role of making the workplace a happy place for my team is taken care of by the Ministry of New.

Why the Ministry?

Because of the vibe of the place and being so conveniently located from the stations.

What events are you looking forward to?

Game nights and anything F&B related 🙂

Members can come to you for…

Anyone who is saddled with worries concerning numbers and laws relating to it. We are there. Corporates and individuals all alike!

Can our community help you with anything?

We are always on the lookout for intelligent people, Chartered Accountants, and Accountants to join our team.

Recent Achievements

We just closed a funding requirement for a corporate for INR 7.3 crores.

Who inspires you?

My team & my family.

Favorite food

Any homemade food. At the café, I love Nanda’s special Misal & Upma.

Meet me here...

Americano, Bombay Canteen, O Pedro, and Izumi are my go-to places in town.

What's your favorite holiday destination?

Any place with adventure activities! We both enjoy hikes and trails, water sports like rafting, and even cliff jumping. Recently, we've done a paragliding course in Kamshet too. Hiral also goes for her liveaboard diving trips at least once a year as she is a professional diver having done more than 80+ dives.

Brain food that’s always in your bag

Paul and Mike’s 99% dark chocolate. No one likes it so I can have it all to myself!

Favorite Spot at MoN

The comfy grey couch in the Gallery for power naps.

What do you love about your work?

Meeting old and new clients, learning about their businesses, and experiencing their passion for their work which in itself is encouraging.

Do you listen to any music while working?

I prefer not. Though I enjoy listening to the clickity-clackity of all the keyboards in our team room!

What's your favorite show

Love, Death, and Robots. I like the fact that it has a good mix of animation, CGI, and live acting. The episodes are short, but each one invokes different emotions. Quite a few are pretty thought-provoking.

What do we LOVE about DC Sejpal?

Their dedication & energy. One to open the shutter and close it too - each day. And when they bring in assorted Vada Pavs on a rainy day, or delicious snacks to our Breakfast Club!


PS // DC Sejpal has their own office in our space, called ‘The Beach’. We have 8 of these Private Offices within the Ministry of New where you can work furiously with your team of up to 10 while being part of a larger professional and creative community.


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