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How this team found their perfect anchor

Contrary to popular opinion, coworking is not just for freelancers. It's actually a great way for small teams and businesses to work affordably and conveniently while getting access to a huge pool of potential talent and just eyes and ears. Amin Kader is the Founder of GoCharge and actually launched his product in our space!

"Ministry of New is an extremely positive workspace. The energy, the vibe of the place, allows for a fresh perspective. Working at this coworking space helps me balance work with play- the ambiance is never too stressful."

What was your first impression of the Ministry of New? What did you like best about working here?

Wow! That was what came to my mind when I first visited the space. I loved the energy, the plants, the natural sunlight filtering through the large windows, the variety of seating options and the ambiance. I felt a sense of peace, and yet also very energetic and driven.

What does GoCharge do and what has your journey been like?

GoCharge is an automated, smart and affordable power bank rental service. As the name suggests, it provides its users with the opportunity to charge their phones on the go. Our long-term goal for GoCharge is to create an extremely dense network, enabling its users a wide range of access to the service seamlessly.

My grand vision for coming up with GoCharge however, had a lot to do with making a difference. I am looking at creating a network of people who believe in a different kind of future- where everything is simple, economical, green, and more purposeful. My journey from having a well-established and comfortable business background in electronics and logistics to an entirely new start-up concept like GoCharge, which is technology-driven, has been challenging yet immensely satisfying and rewarding in so many ways. There is so much to do and its a long journey ahead, but I like to take it one day at a time.

How do you keep your team motivated and engaged, as many of you work from different places at different times?

The vision for GoCharge is what matters most. Being a start-up, it was extremely important for me to select and maintain a team that not only shared that vision but believed in it. When one believes in a concept, then every tiny step towards that vision is passion-driven. We have weekly meetings, where we share our success stories, setbacks, our lessons, and discuss our goals and plans to move forward towards that vision.

What was it about the Ministry of New that really supported your business? What were the benefits you experienced?

Ministry of New is an extremely positive workspace. The energy, the vibe of the place, allows for a fresh perspective. The team organizes regular events that create opportunities to interact with people from different creative fields and also allow for an exchange of ideas and concepts. Working at this coworking space helps me balance work with play- the ambiance is never too stressful.

Before you go...

Three gadgets you can't live without?

I'm Apple obsessed so my iPhone, MacBook, and AirPods.

Who are three of your role models?

Richard Branson, Vishen Lakhiani, and Michael Jordan.

What are your top productivity tips?

1. Delegate: I like to divide tasks amongst my team depending on their individual skills. I believe it's important to know what I’m good at, what I’m capable of, and what I can do best, and assess my team in a similar way before delegating tasks individually.

2. Take breaks: there’s a limit to how long anybody can devote deep focus to a task. When things get too serious, I try and take ten-minute breaks to just stand up, stretch, get a glass of water, walk around, maybe chat with the person sitting beside me (Ministry is great for this!) and then return to my task at hand. This helps me tremendously to feel refreshed both physically and mentally.

3. Celebrate small wins: Starting a company is hard, growing one is harder and running it daily is the hardest of all. Doing this day in and day out can be monotonous, so I try to celebrate small wins, which boosts my team's morale and creates further incentives to work harder.

Three words that describe you?

Fearless, passionate, and adaptable.


PS // Amin and his team are the perfect example of who our shared membership is created for. Teams that work remotely, and don't all need to be in the office at the same time but still need a central point to regroup, reconnect and feel part of.


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