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Member Spotlight // Neha Trivedi

Inclusion and Accessibility Consultant // Founder, Spandan Membership: Resident // LinkedIn: neha-trivedi-spandan

Neha Trivedi is the founder of Spandan - building inclusion and accessibility solutions for higher education institutes and corporations.

As she founded Spandan exactly 1 year ago, she decided to celebrate the anniversary with all of us, hosting a massive chaat party in the Library.

A perfect time to put her in the spotlight!

Why did you choose this field?

I got into this sector accidentally 16 years ago, when I joined Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged at my alma mater St.Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Once I started working at the XRCVC I enjoyed the problem-solving, common sense application needed to devise inclusion solutions. The huge gap in need and supply of services for persons with disabilities kept me at it and has stirred me to now start Spandan to further bridge this gap.

How did you find us?

Easy! I searched for "Quaint Coworking Spaces in South Mumbai" and the Ministry of New popped up!

What made you decide to join us as a member?

Long story short: Can't work from home! I need people around, and space to get my work done. I just love how the Ministry has both the buzz and the productive quiet around. I also like the visitors' policy - I can host clients during the day without any hassle. And I love the eclectic mix of people.

Members can come to you for…

Any help, making their companies or institutes more inclusive for people with disabilities.

Quick bites

Favorite food - The seasonal strawberry ice cream at Swati

Holiday destination - Himachal

My favorite spot at MoN - The last table in the Courtyard, towards the Café - I love the abundance of daylight and plants!

What do we love about Neha?

The undying passion for a cause and the warm smile with which she greets everyone in the space!


PS // Neha is a resident member at the Ministry of New which gives her her own spot in the Gallery, meeting room hours, and a locker. She has found a great network of people to lean on and turn to when she needs a soundboard.


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