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Feeling overwhelmed? Get a grip with single-tasking

Mala Hemnani has been multi-tasking for longer than she can remember. The Co-Founder of Markss Impressions, an image and soft skills consultancy, she has always been interested in things like productivity and assertive skills, which is how she learnt about single-tasking.

woman in a coworking space in mumbai
Mala Hemnani

How did you find out about single-tasking?

Before single-tasking, my typical day included having several tabs open, all my notifications on, constantly checking my social media and WhatsApp and answering calls as well. It was only at a point where I felt exhausted and on the brink of burning out that I asked myself what I was really doing. I realized that I wasn’t achieving my potential and wasn’t happy with the quality of my work. This is when I discovered single-tasking.

Is this for everyone?

Apparently only 2% of people can efficiently go from task to task without compromising on the quality of their work. However, if you think about it, if you’re doing several tasks at the same time your brain can’t give 100% to each task. So, you’ll have one task in the forefront and the others might be in the background. I think this happens to everyone! Single-tasking may not be what you choose to do every day, all day but it can definitely help you with those big goals and high priority items on your to do lists.

How has single tasking helped you?

I believe that single-tasking has allowed me to really delve into the essence of what I am doing, whether it’s reading a book or leading a session with a client. It helps me slow down and focus completely on one thing, ensuring that I’m doing the best job possible at that activity.

What is the biggest skill you will learn from single-tasking?

Learning to cancel out irrelevancy. Not just with your work but also learning to say no to things that aren’t benefitting your larger goal.

Mala Hemnani will host a Take Five Session later this year about 'The myth of multi-tasking'. Date and time TBD


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