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Member Spotlight // Vidhi Shah

Illustrator, Art Director & Graphic Designer // Membership: Resident

After spending more than half a decade in the ad industry, Vidhi Shah pivoted towards illustration, almost naturally. Growing up a classic daydreamer, sketching and painting minute details of everything she observed around her, feeling a disconnect between the mechanical click of the keyboard and her finished pieces of work was inevitable.

illustrator at a coworking space

She followed the call from within and with time, experimentation and a clear vision, her work began attracting commercial clients leading to her creating her own studio, aptly titled 'The Drawing Board' where she does the kind of work she truly loves.

Hand-drawn milestones

With her work being a cross-pollination of illustrative graphic design, photography, and art, Vidhi has worked with the likes of MTV, Times of India, L'oreal and collaborated with renowned musicians, restaurants and even designed a board game.

When she's not sketching up a storm, you can find her nursing her cold coffee habit, and her love for puppies.

Why she loves working at Ministry of New

“I visited Ministry of New two and half years ago and ever since, dreamed about making it the space I work out of. When things aligned and I finally got myself a spot 2 months ago, everything fell in place. I realized that it's more than just a pretty space because it inspires creativity and productivity in equal measure. It's a great balance of great design, functionality and people.”



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