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Member Spotlight // Tushar Lall

Music Composer // Membership: Resident (more like portable recording studio!)

music composer sitting in his private office at a coworking space

It's not everyday that you walk into a coworking space and see a Music Composer writing his next ditty. But when musical whizkid and YouTube sensation Tushar Lallset up his fascinating workstation in the Gallery, the idea of the typical coworking member took on a new meaning. Founder of the Indian Jam Project, a platform that brings together Indian classical musicians to recreate iconic film and television scores, his musical interpretations have raked up praise from Emmy-winning and Hollywood composers alike.

So what's a regular day like for a composer working from a space like ours?

"I split my day into two parts. The mornings are normally for learning and educating myself. I'm doing online courses from Berklee college of music and staying informed about the business aspects of my industry. I take the first half of the day to absorb this kind of knowledge and stay plugged into what is going on currently. The second half of the day is all about creativity and losing myself completely in composing. I use that post-lunch calm in the space to write and disconnect from everything around me."

Why he loves working out of MoN

When asked why he chose MoN over a more traditional recording studio setup he was pretty clear. "Besides being one of the most inspiring spaces I've ever been to, I get the opportunity to interact and connect with people outside of my field of work and that opens up so many new doors and avenues of creativity. It's wonderful to be a part of a diverse community of people while working on your craft. I have found such a rhythm here and I'm so grateful for it."

This is most definitely music to our ears.


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