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Member Spotlight // Roshni Sawant

Interior Designer OYO Rooms // Membership: Resident //Instagram: @roshni6807

happy woman at a coworking space in mumbai

You'll usually find this vivacious young lady in her zone at the big blue table in the centre of the gallery. You know what they say, location, location, location! It's the nucleus of the Gallery, the spot where freshly cut flowers sit, serving as the perfect dose of inspiration for this young Interior designer. During downtime, Roshni revels in one of the main perks of coworking - interacting with fellow members at the Library. We caught up with her about all the awesome things she does and how MoN has impacted her day to day.

Going to town

"I have been working in the field of Interior Design for about 9 years now. I have worked with Architect firms and have done my fair share of freelance work. I am currently working with OYO rooms and hotels as an Interior Architect and I am responsible for designing Townhouses which is a new concept developed by them. I have always been creative. I love designing, dancing, painting and absolutely anything that helps me express myself creatively. I came into this field as I wanted to become an Architect. But gradually I realized that I loved the interiors aspect of it. I love designing personalized spaces for people and the impact it has on them. Which is why working out of MoN means so much.

My day to day can often get hectic and the peaceful energy of the Gallery really helps me pace myself and work with a sense of calm. And when I need a little breather, the diversity of the space has so much to offer."

Feeling at home at work

"The cafe is so beautiful and has amazing food. But the Library always has me feeling heart-happy. The design is so inviting and being surrounded by books makes the space so personal and immediately makes me feel at home. What more could one ask for?!"

Why she loves working at Ministry of New

"The sense of community built through events is something I really value. I've just been here two months and made so many new friends through these interactive experiences. It's one of the best things about MoN. You can meet people from various fields, feel so connected yet enjoy your own solo workflow. It's the perfect balance."



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