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Member Spotlight // Nupur Kapoor

Creative Entrepreneur // Founder of Neter - Luxury Home & Lifestyle brand //

Membership: Resident // // Instagram: @neterliving

A member at ministry of new

"Before I founded Neter, I worked in business advisory for over a decade - as a management consultant, a social entrepreneur and co-founder of a technology incubator for social impact. I founded Neter late last year and spent the first few months working from home. Having spent my entire working life with smart inspiring people, working alone was not easy - and then there was my 1-year old who is a darling but can be a wee distracting."

Serendipity & Coworking

"I needed a space that gave me the right amount of focus and inspiration and Ministry was perfect on so many fronts. When I walked in, it felt beautiful, inspiring, warm, friendly and very professional at the same time. It is safe to say that my productivity literally doubled here. And whats more, I’ve made fantastic connections, great friends and also serendipitously found great talent for my team!

Why she loves working at MoN

"The little touches work so well for me - Chai on tap, mint and lemon water to sip on all day and the most beautiful white wooden slatted windows in the heart of old Bombay! I love that there is an outdoor non air-conditioned space that is fresh, green and breezy. I spend most of my time taking calls, meetings and brainstorming here. The space itself is so well-designed with such a strong personality and serves as a constant inspiration for a design house like ours. My team just loves being here and its been the best motivation to get talent on board."



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