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Member Spotlight // Mithila Nate

Graphologist & Handwriting/Signature/Drawing Analyst // Membership: Resident

Having studied HR, Mithila's foray into graphology doesn’t follow the typical trajectory of someone in the field. When asked, she narrated a story about how this was a result of happenstance.

a member working at ministry of new

The way you dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s” might seem small and inconsequential but in the world of a graphologist, these simple details could unlock an entire in-depth analysis of your personality. Just ask MoN member Mithila, who analyzes handwriting, signature & drawings for a living.

“While I was working as a Human Resource Professional, I always had an inner desire to pursue something different and interesting. But I did not know what exactly I should do. Around this time, I was travelling to Pune for a conference by bus and a lady sitting a few seats away was having a lively conversation with her friend.  I couldn’t make out much of their discussion except for the word “Graphology” which jumped out at me. At the time I was not aware of what “Graphology” was exactly, but it left me curious. Soon after, I learned about this science and was immediately hooked. Little did I know that one day this would be my full-time profession.”

Why she loves working at MoN

“I love MoN as it allows for connective networking. The ambience and vibrant energy of the space fill you with inspiration and open your mind to people from so many different fields, their style of working and what makes them tick.”



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