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Member Spotlight // Ashraf Hussain

Co-Founder of Haachi, Executives Recruitment Agency & Co-founder of NGO Animal adoption & Care // Membership: Nomad // Instagram: @aac_india

man at a coworking space

As a Ministry of New newbie we first got properly acquainted with Ashraf a few weeks ago at our beloved Breakfast Club (our monthly members brunch) where he made us all laugh hard by bringing a stack of pancakes from McDonalds. His sense of humour and convivial spirit lend themselves really well to his dual professions of running a recruitment firm and an animal welfare NGO. We caught up with Ashraf about what drew him to join our community.  

A new window of opportunity

"Ministry of New has always been a place I wanted to work out of. I've been coming here for years as my branding team used to work out of here. My previous office in the World Trade Centre was quite a dump with no windows. And I was just at a point where I needed to shake things up and breathe new life into my day to day.  

Why he loves working at Ministry of New

"Running a recruitment firm, constantly connecting with people and simultaneously running an Animal Welfare NGO where we take care of a lot of street animals, care for them, give them medical aid and get them adopted are both extremely demanding, hands-on jobs. They require me to be on the phone or yolked to my laptop all day and having this environment really keeps me feeling fresh and inspired. The big windows with lots of sunlight, fun people to vibe off of, all played such a pivotal role in making the decision to become a member here. It means a slightly longer commute to work everyday but it's worth it to me."

Ashraf's NGO is always looking for fellow animal-lovers who can volunteer their time and efforts towards caring for animals. If this is something you'd like to get involved with start a conversation with him and he is sure to get you involved. He's also your man if you're looking to recruit new talent for your business or want to be recruited yourself. He's quite the CV savant so if you're working towards looking awesome on paper, find him in the Gallery and connect with him!



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