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Member Spotlight // Akanksha Makhija

Product Designer and artist // Membership: Resident // Instagram: @akannksha

stylish woman at a coworking space in mumbai

The first word that comes to mind when you meet Akanksha is charming. With her quiet disposition and disarming smile, she's someone that breezes through the space, doing her thing in her little corner and only pops her head out to quell her insatiable need for Chai. We talked to her about her love for design and where it all began.

A life designed

"I have always been the quiet child you would typically find in the corner of the room with a sketchbook in my hand, drawing away for hours. I love to observe people and capture their exaggerated moods and gestures. Design has just been a natural extension of my love for capturing details of the world around me."

Why she loves working at Ministry of New

"Natural light is so important to me and the amount of light that floods into this space is beautiful. It feels so airy and unlike a regular office setting. It automatically makes everything beautiful and keeps you in the right frame of mind. The freshness of the space seeps into your work and attitude and I love that. And of course, I love that there's Chai on tap available at all times of the day. It sustains me!"



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