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Member Spotlight // Aernoud Dekker

Distributor of High-end audio equipment / Representative for Audio Note

// Membership: Resident // Instagram: @audionote

a man at ministry of new, a coworking space in india

Having set up shop here 3 years ago, Aernoud is a Ministry of New veteran. With his souped-up demo room just down the street from us, where he curates an immersive audio experience for his clients, he's the man to talk to about bombastic music systems for your home, turntables, speakers and exclusive 2-channel audio that is all about pristine sound. We caught up with him about his daily routine and what keeps him in sound mind and spirits.

The art of Listening  

"I spend a lot of time doing online marketing, purchasing, importing, administration, installations for the equipment. I'm basically a one-man show, so I handle all of that on my own. On a typical day I split my time between Ministry where I do all the backend work and Audiovision, my demo room which is a 2-minute walk away, where I create listening experiences for my clients. We're all about the music and bringing it to life. You can't really explain how wine tastes to someone who hasn't tasted it. It's the same way with sound. They have to experience it for themselves to achieve what we call "musical ecstasy." It's great to have the flexibility of the two spaces and carry out all the different facets of my business in a seamless way.

Why he loves working at Ministry of New

"Beauty always inspires. I like that it's a beautiful, quiet, comfortable place to work in. In the middle of Bombay, sometimes beauty is hard to find, but if you come here, it's an oasis of peace and it inspires me to concentrate and get what I need to, done.   Another asset is the people who work here. It's nice to be surrounded by entrepreneurs who are actively trying to change their world or theworld, even. So it's great to feel connected to that and have your finger on the pulse of what's going on.

Aernoud extended us the great courtesy and pleasure of experiencing his demo room and needless to say, our minds were blown. If you're a budding or fellow audiophile yourself, connect with Aernoud and check out his sweet digs where you can lose yourself in the music.



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