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Goal Setting w/ Afsheen Dattoobhai // Whistle

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In today’s world of “did you check - in?” whether that means checking in on social media, checking in at the airport or the hotel or even checking in with a friend; how many of us actually take a moment, a pause, an inward reflection and check in within ourselves?

To me, goal setting is just that. It’s not about aimlessly pinning photos on a board, or writing out New Year’s resolutions that you forget before the ink dries- it’s about taking a moment for yourself and being realistic of who you are, where you are and where you want to be. Working from a coworking space in Mumbai like Ministry of New, I've been lucky enough to chat about this with several of my coworkers.

Afsheen Dattoobhai

For instance, do you have two repeat clients that you want to convert to 15 repeat clients within a three month time frame? Or do you have 500 Instagram followers but want to grow that base to 1500 by the end of the year? Or do you currently not make time to travel for fun but want to visit at least three new countries in the next 12 months?

It can be done. Trust me!

There are numerous goal setting techniques and frameworks that you can refer to while setting a goal. My favourite framework is creating “Smart Goals”. It forces you to not just quantify your goal and be specific about what it is and by when you want to achieve it. But it also makes you do a quick reality check on whether it can be done and if achieving it is even relevant from a larger perspective. But above all, the framework itself is super simple and makes goal setting really easy and fun to do.

Though here’s the catch - yes there is one ;)

The real trick to actually achieving your goal isn’t on how well you set it or how well worded and framed it is - it is on the work that you do to achieve it.

So here’s my favourite hack (and those of you who’ve attended my workshop or have the get set goal toolkit already know this). It is what I passionately call the dream to reality circle. Here, you take your dream and first put a date to it. You then list out all the necessary steps that you need to take to achieve your goal. And lastly, you put it all into action.

With that in mind, my question to you is, What are you waiting for you? Go-(al) and get it.

Written by Afsheen Dattoobhai

Goal Setting Workshop w/ Afsheen // Whistle

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