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Get out of those PJs!

With the advent of incredibly fast WiFi and power packed laptops has come the rise of the freelancers or remote worker. Someone who can work from anywhere there is a plug point and internet, and can do anything from graphic design to your taxes. With this increase in remote work, more people were now able to work from home, something that tired corporate cogs welcomed with open arms. People could work at their own pace, from the comfort of their own home wearing whatever they chose. However, this utopia does come with a dark side…


Picture this

it’s a sunny day and you scribble out your to-do list for the day, take a sip of coffee and smile as you think about all the great work you’re going to get done. Just as you are ready to hit the keyboard, the door-bell rings. You grab your Amazon parcel, do a quick social media scroll and are (seriously) back to work. Just as you open that PPT, your 8-month-old beagle decides that he wants to play RIGHT. NOW. He nudges you with his ball and refuses to stop barking till you engage in 15 solid minutes of catch.

Finally tired, he curls up as your feet when you look up and realize it’s lunch time! With nothing prepared at home, you spend a few minutes figuring out where to order from, and by the time you’ve chosen which pizza you want, your mom calls to say she is coming over to drop off some mithai she just bought.

As your day goes on, you realize that by 6pm, the only thing you’ve achieved is about 2,000 calories, a version of dog whispering that only works once Rufus is tired of playing and absolutely no work. Oh, and you haven’t showered yet either.

a coworker at the ministry of new

And now, picture this

it’s a sunny morning and you bounce up the three floors to Ministry of New, find a quiet window seat and pull out your laptop. You begin crossing off items on your to-do list at lightning speed and bump into an old school friend over lunch in the in-house café.

You also meet other (better behaved) pooches here and start planning how to train Rufus well enough to come to work with you. You get tons of work done before finding out that the Sailing Club is meeting in the evening giving you the opportunity to meet some new friends and pick up a hobby you’ve always dreamed of. Not the mention the beautiful sunset and sense of satisfaction that you head home with!

So whether you’re a freelancer, work from home diehard or just someone who is looking for a change; come by for a free trial and see for yourself #whycoworking works so well!


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