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Freshly Squeezed: the juiciest brands, with love from India

Anytime we host an event or work on a collaboration, we try to partner with brands we believe in and showcase our commitment to sustainability and entrepreneurship. Freshly Squeezed was the perfect combination of these things! A pop up hosted by Ministry of New, Freshly Squeezed is about bringing guests the freshest, juiciest, greenest and most exciting brands in India to you.


Brands participating in this year's Freshly Squeezed edition:


Baro is a lifestyle brand where aesthetics, ergonomics and ethics come together. Founded by Srila Chatterjee, We loved their vintage style radio that kept our feet tapping and heads bopping during the pop up'

Alma Five

AlmaFive by member Sonam Balani is a jewellery brand that does things a little differently. Sonam believes in promoting sustainability and sharing the story of her culture, being and Indian raised in Curacao. This combination of multicultural imagery and design is not something you see everyday!

Neter Living

Another member brand, Neter Living is the brainchild of Nupur Kapoor who has been working to bring the people behind the crafts to the forefront of her brand. By travelling across the country and building a network of artisans, each product they make is handcrafted and one of a kind. We couldn't get enough of her pastel hued dhurries! One of each please?

The Skin Pantry

The Skin Pantry is one of our favourite beauty brands with products so good, you can almost eat them. Of all their organic skincare products, we really liked the espresso body scrub which is great for getting rid of dead skin and giving you that extra caffeine kick!

Sage Design Studio

Sage Design Studio by our member Malavika is committed to providing a platform for the indigenous arts and crafts community in India and promoting their work through contemporary design. It's always so refreshing to hear people talk about supporting local, traditional economies while still catering to a more current market. Amazing job Malavika!


Long time Ministry of New member Christine Langstieh founded Bloombombs as a way of bringing joy to gifting. Her selection of wildflowers are all locally sourced and sustainable, and make the perfect birthday, anniversary, thank you or I love you gesture. We loved her collaboration with Ether chocolates which were packaged beautifully with her flowers.


Shibusa was our newest brand as it had launched only days before Freshly Squeezed! Shibusa is all about high-quality basics and showcased their fabulous array of basic t-shirts done right. We couldn't pick just one favourite colour so had to buy a few!


Who doesn't love ice cream? With NOTO, you get all the flavour and creaminess of your favourite dessert but without the guilt. Their salted caramel and pink guava and chilli were our top picks.

Call of the Valley

Call of the Valley makes essential and precious oils using the finest raw materials. The highlight of their lovely stall had to be the coconut milk oil which is made by hand pressing fresh meat of the coconut to create a lusciously decadent oil you can use on your body, skin and hair.


Bodements is India's largest vintage store that stocks unique, exclusive, handpicked styles from all over the world. Their wild printed bodysuits from the 80s and knee high leather boots definitely caught our eye!

PA.NI Swimwear

Have you been trying to find a swimsuit that fits you but is also environmentally friendly? If so, you really need to check out PA.NI Swimwear! Founded be Leila Veersamy, we love the fact that all their fabric is high quality Italian fabric made from recycled fishing nets

Chado Tea

Are you getting thirsty getting through this list? How about popping on a kettle of tea by Chado Tea? With over 100 flavours it was hard to pick a winner but the white champagne raspberry tea was definitely up on our list.

Coco Custo

Finding ways to live more sustainably aren't always easy to find. For many of us looking to do a deep clean of all the pollutants in our lives, you have to check out Coco Custo! Currently they're only selling all natural, biodegradable and non-toxic laundry detergent but we're told they're expanding to dishwashing soap and more.

Sugar & SPACE

If you've ever been to Ministry of New, then you must have met Jashan. Our Head of Events and Partnerships, he also runs a food and technology startup called Sugar & SPACE. His team was doling out 3D printed Freshly Squeezed 'edible bytes' that looked amazing and tasted delicious.


Not using plastic, changing the way we eat and using eco-friendly products goes a long way in promoting sustainability. But what about the way we shop? Tons and tons of clothes get dumped into landfills each second and rewear was founded to combat that. They upcycle luxury Indian designer wear so that those Indian clothes of yours that spend all year at the back of your closet, can get a new home! Jahnvi and Vikram, the co-founders of the company also gave us a very insightful talk on mindful consumption and the habits we have to change.

We want to thank each and every participant for being such an integral part of this event, we loved hearing your stories and spending time with you. Till the next one!


PS // In the coming months we will highlight all the above brands and their founders either on our social media, via events, or in our Journal where we dive a little deeper into their businesses, their creative approach and life in general. Stay tuned!

PS // If you are a founder of a fresh contemporary brand too, and would like to be part of our next Freshly Squeezed edition, please get in touch with

With massive thanks to Gaya & Reiner, who created the lovely video!

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