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To post or not to post: social media during a pandemic

As the world works from home and we here in India experience complete quarantine, I'm sure you're all bookmarking Zoom workouts, dalgona coffee images, Tik Tok challenges and easy dinner recipes. But have you found that you're at a loss with what to do about your own business's online marketing? We asked social media expert Ria Bajaj how we can keep our content relevant, and make the most of this unique time.


Get strategic

As the social media landscape is rapidly changing, it's becoming tougher for brands and content creators to maintain relevance and consistency.

How to communicate with our consumers while they are at home, might have other priorities, and the Gram seems overloaded with challenges and recipes of sourdough bread?

The best way to reach your target audience, is getting as close up and personal with them as possible. Use this 'funnel approach' to get your brand back on their radar.

Direct communication

Talking about YOUR PRODUCT, functionality and sales is something to refrain from at this point as much as possible unless what you're doing is very relevant to the situation right now.

Indirect communication

Brands generally use this to SEED THEIR PRODUCT by highlighting their benefits, ingredients, etc. The tonality is fairly softer than the former and can still be done right now as it will build your BRAND IMAGE.

User communication

A form of communication that we MUST use during times like this as it is engaging, educative and really talks to the consumer. It provides the user with information to engage indoors like DIY’s, hacks, tips, recipes etc. This form of communication is human, mindful and emphatic.

Value communication

The sum total of the above gives the consumer VALUE, and it is very often communicating the same through such as storytelling tying in the functional parts as well as communicative parts.

It is also important to factor in some key trends that have arisen through this time.

  • The consumer waiting for you on the other side of the pandemic will be a more evolved consumer as they have spent time garnering information.

  • A consumer’s stickiness will be determined by a brand's sentiment and the tone it portrays through this period. Try to keep their spirits high like you keep yours.

  • We stand in the midst of a listener’s market. A market space ready to listen for all you would like it to remember. Make it relevant.

  • Lastly: engage and interact as much you can with your audience – mindfulness and empathy go a long way in consumer retention.

Use this space and time at hand to pivot content in a way that is meaningful and relevant to the current scenario which is probably the most unique we've ever been in. Happy creating!


PS // At Ministry of New we regularly host workshops and talks around relevant topics for entrepreneurs, like digital marketing and branding. These might be exclusive events for our members, as well as ticketed events for a broader audience. As we believe focused work is one thing, but learning new things and get inspired is as important to grow your business.


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