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Sip, savour and slow down at Zen Cafe

Meet Hema Parikh - Co-owner of the gorgeous Zen Cafe in the spirited lanes of Kala Ghoda, Fort. With a love for cafe culture and a yearning to reconnect with the motherland, Hema and her husband/co-owner of Zen, Ashish, set out to fulfill a small whim that turned into a big adventure. Learn more about their journey and get a glimpse of how Zen Cafe, with its thoughtful and considered menu and tasteful design, lives up to it's name in every way.


You'll find Zen Cafe on walking distance from Ministry of New, in a little by lane of Kala Ghoda, one of our favourite areas in the city! The cafe's offers a serene and quiet interior, and serves crafted cappuccinos made with freshly roasted coffee, fresh iced teas and a selection of comfort fare from around the world, all vegetarian and organic. There are Zen Cafe's in Pune and Ahmedabad as well.

PS // Do you know of any other gem in our neighbourhood which we definitely have to visit on one of our Friday afternoon strolls? Please share it with us!


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