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We're celebrating 10 years of happy coworking!

Ministry of New

A design-led coworking space based in Fort Mumbai, for independent professionals looking to be part of an international creative community.

Become a member

We believe that it’s never one-size-fits-all when it comes to styles of working. Whether you’re a CEO, freelancer, social entrepreneur or a small team of business mavericks, we’ve got a membership plan that’ll work for you.

Everybody loves a discount

We love celebrating our members.

Check out our special packages

which give you a yummy 10% discount.

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Joining with a team?


Get a room

We have private offices available which fit 4 to 10 people very comfortable. If you need flexibility to expand your team, or work with freelancers on a temporary project, we can always add a few individual membership plans to your package.

Meet your neighbours

We make it work for you!

Short-term contracts, flexible team memberships, clean private offices where you can just walk in with your team and start working. And so much extra space for all of you to work, brainstorm or meet those important clients. It will make all the difference for your peace of mind and more importantly, on the balance sheet.

Amrita Sadarangani,

University of Edinburgh


"I love the chai at the Ministry! Seriously. 
Anytime I'm feeling a little slow, I grab a cup, find someone in the Library to chat with for a few minutes before getting back to work."

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Sandhya Naidu Janardhan,

Curry Stone Design Collaborative


“Apart from the beautiful design, it's been such a pleasure getting to know the members and team at Ministry of New. We've met collaborators and partners that we might never have met otherwise!"

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Overheard in the Library:

"Wanna go for some dolphin spotting today? It includes drinking Bellini's from plastic cups though"

Fabulous events, all year round

Mark your calendar

We love curating inspiring, culturally-relevant and immersive events that bring us together as a community. While some events are member-exclusives, we host a myriad of events open to public that are designed to unearth the artist, the networker, the do-gooder and the marketeer within. Check out our calendar to see what’s coming up!

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Partner with us

We work together with a number of carefully selected partners who share our passion for telling stories, curating immersive events while targeting a similar brand of audience.

Host, shoot or launch at Ministry of New

Set the stage

Our spaces are designed to bring your vision to life. Be it our sunlit Courtyard lined with foliage, the sprawling Gallery teeming with character and member spirit, or the Library packed to the rafters with soulful design details; each space serves as the ideal backdrop for any experience you yearn to create. Get inspired by the variety of exciting possibilities.


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Overheard in the Library:

"I just learned a new word today, snacc! Think it means a cool person"

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