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Set the Stage


Our spaces are designed to bring your vision to life. Be it our sunlit Courtyard lined with foliage, The Library packed to the rafters with soulful design details or the sprawling Gallery teeming with character and member spirit, each space serves as the ideal backdrop for any experience you yearn to create. 

Get inspired by the variety of exciting possibilities!




At MoN, we believe in the power of sharing knowledge and experience. We regularly invite tastemakers of the city and accomplished members of our community to share their expertise in the fields or design, marketing, management, social causes and so much more.



Nothing like an intensive workshop to sharpen the mind and add to your skillset. From brandstorms to improv, our Library has seen many a workshop and masterclass, inspiring breakthroughs in the attendees. Whether they're quicker 2-3 hour classes that pack a punch or longer bootcamp-style intensives, send us your workshop ideas!

Two members having a light conversation during a networking event

Networking & Alumni events


It's all about the people you know! We are interested in events that make room for olympic-level networking not only within our members, but like-minded people in our extended community. If you've got a creative concept in mind, that will attract a shared audience, pique the interest of the press and the tastemakers of the city, get in touch pronto!



Member Socials include The Breakfast Club, Mastermind Sessions, Book Club, Movie Nights and more. These gatherings have become the rituals that elevate community spirit, connecting members with similar interests and mindsets to collaborate and build strong friendships. Drop us a line if you'd like to partner with us to reach our exclusive member community.

Two women walking down the courtyard in evening dresses with champagne
Meeting room corporate meeting room mumb

Corporate Meetings


With custom furniture and Wi-Fi so fast it'll make your head spin, our 10-seater Meeting Room is designed to provide a creative and professional outlook to your next off-site strategy session, aid those high-profile pitch wins or getting your growing team in one room for an inspiring brainstorm.  



Create an immersive team experience and capture their energy in one space with perks like our in-house cafe, unlimited supply of freshly-brewed coffee, tea and water, and a scribble-friendly Meeting room table top for those sessions that reach fever pitch.

A group photo on the swing in the library from a team offsite
A woman selling and presenting clothes from her clothing line in the library



If Google & facebook ads have taught us anything, it's that staying top of mind means popping up everywhere your audience goes. And what better way to reach your audience than with an engaging pop-up in our space. With our versatile, showcase-ready spaces, make your presence felt with us. 

Art Exhibitions


If you're a visual storyteller, take a more creative approach to exhibiting your work by using our space as your gallery. We've got a penchant for art and have worked with many renowned artists and designers who've introduced their installations, photography series and paintings at our space.

A small crowd gathered at an evening photograhy exhibition
A brand set up for a pop up shop in te courtyard

Launches & Press days


A launch needs to live up to its name, skyrocketing the product or project in question. And you know what they say, location, location, location! Play up the grandeur and versatility of our space for your next launch and garner the right audience, reception and media attention for all that hard work.



Bring your next campaign alive by creating your photography and video content within our space. The design details in every nook and cranny are anything but camera-shy and make for striking visual vignettes.

Deepika Padukone photographed in our Library for an ad campaign
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