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  • Do I have to be a member to access MoN?
    Yes, you do have to be a member to access the coworking space on a day to day basis. Family, friends, and guests of our members are always welcome. However, we have several options for non-members - - Come to one of our events: We host a wide array of exciting events, talks, workshops to private dinners, and of course events in celebration of our members and partners. - You can drop by and experience it for a day with our 'Trail Day Pass' - You can book our Boardroom to host meetings with your clients.
  • How do I sign up for a membership?
    You can send us a request for a membership by filling out the form on the Contact page. You can then select an hourly or day-based package based on what meets your needs best. If you are unsure, sign up for a 'Trial Day Pass', spend the day with us and we'll help you decide.
  • What facilities do you charge for?
    There is a nominal charge for our storage lockers and courier services.
  • What is your membership cancellation policy?
    Memberships can not be cancelled or transfered prematurely. They come to an end after the subscribed period.
  • Why was my membership cancelled?
    Memberships get cancelled on account of non-payments. Your account gets cancelled when your invoice is due for more than 4 days. All you have to do is make the payment for your membership package and it’ll be back to business as usual.
  • Will I be charged if I bring an intern to work with me for the day?
    You are welcome to bring an intern to work for a day or two without being charged. If you require them to work out of the space for a longer period, they will need a membership too.
  • What is your policy on pets in the workspace?
    We are as pooch-friendly as they come and love when members bring their pets to work. However, we still do not allow cats in our space as a few members could be allergic.
  • What are your member exclusive benefits?
    When you are a member you get access to our members community, our collaborators and partners from the media and various fields of work. You get to attend our regular events like talks, workshops, conferences that take place on a weekly basis. The best part however, are our member-exclusive events that are designed to inspire, showcase and delight you.
  • What is the seating capacity of the team suites?
    Our team suites accommodate 6-8 people.
  • Can I set up my own furniture?
    If you wish to bring some of your own furniture, you could initmate us about it. We'll help you set it up.
  • What are your community guidelines?
    We encourage our members to share their knowledge and resources and to be respectful to each others' time and space. We do not tolerate posting illegal, inappropriate or threatening content, spamming members through posts or personal messages. Under no circumstance are you allowed to share information that is private to a fellow member that could destroy their work or personal reputation. You are also requested to maintain your work environment. We're intolerable towards theft and destruction of property. Our premises are under CCTV surveillance.
  • How do I join in for football with the MoNsters?
    We'll drop by at your desk and personally invite you to come play with us. We play every Thursday at 7PM at Cooperage. Members are free to invite their friends, relatives and clients.
  • How do I sign up for Yoga sessions?
    Yoga classes are held every Monday and Wednesday for both members and non-members. You can pay per class or for a package of 4 classes at the front desk. Our Yoga class in open to non-members as well. Single Class - INR 500/- for members // 700/- for non-members Four Classes - INR 1800/- for members // 2400/- for non-members
  • How do I join your sailing club?
    We go out sailing as a group during season (end October). We'll let you know when we organize a group. The Sailing Club is exclusively for members.
  • How do I become a part of the Member's Group on Facebook?
    Our Facebook Group is a great place to keep the conversation informal and fun. We'll add you up as soon as you join us!
  • How do I reach out to other members?
    If you wish to get in touch with another member directly, you can request them personally for an email id or phone number. If they are currently not within the space, we could make the request for you. If you wish to communicate with all the members, you could either post on our Facebook and make a request on our pinboard.
  • What can I post on the pinboard?
    The pinboard is great for enquiries. You can ask for a tutor, someone with a skillset, a vacancy, local food, and a lot more. There are no limitations, ask away!
  • Can I subscribe to updates?
    You will be automatically added to our weekly newsletter. We share upcomming events, photographs we've clicked through the week and recommedations within Bombay.
  • How do I stop my email subscription?
    Select the unsubscribe option that exists in the footer of the email. We strongly suggest that you continue to receive our emails to stay up to date with our events.
  • How do I pay for my membership?
    To make an online payment, please follow the payment gateway link that is mentioned within the email, along with your invoice. To make a bank transfer, use the account details that are mentioned on the invoice. For any other queries, please write to
  • How do I get a copy of my invoice?
    A copy of the invoice is sent to your email as soon as we recieve your payment. Please write to if you need another copy.
  • What are the different payment methods?
    We accept payments in cash, cheque and bank transfer, along with all other major credit and debit cards.
  • Can I pay in a different currency?
    We currently do not accept payments that are in a foreign currency.
  • Can one person pay for everyone on their team?
    Yes, one person can make payments for individual members within their team. Please inform us about the same when you create your membership.
  • How do I include my company details and GST number in my invoice?
    You will be able to use your company details and GST number once you register your membership in your company name at the point of registration. Incase the same is not updated in your invoice, please write to
  • Why did I receive an invoice again after a month?
    All memberships are on an auto-renewal. You will receive an advance intimation about the renewal 5 days in advance. Please reply to the same email if you wish to cancel your subscription.
  • If I pack my own lunch, is there a microwave I can use to heat it?"
    Our café has a microwave that you can use to heat your food.
  • Is there a refrigerator that I can use?
    If we wish to keep something refrigerated, hand it over to one of the staff. We'll store it for you at the café.
  • Do you have an entrance that accounts for people who are handicapped?
    Our entrance is not handicap friendly, there are a few steps before you can access the lift. Our premises on the third floor however is handicap friendly.
  • Is there a lift in the building?
    The building lift accommodates 4 people at a time.
  • I travel by car, does your building have a parking space?"
    Our building does not have allocated parking, you will have to park in the vicinity and walk down.
  • How is fire safety taken care of?
    Our staff are trained to work fire extinguishers. In the event of a fire, you will be safely directed out of our building through one of the two fire exits.
  • Can I leave my equipment at my desk overnight?
    We recommend that only members with dedicated desks leave their equipment behind. If you do not have a fixed place and wish to leave something behind, please inform the front desk. All member property is safe within our space, we have an overnight guard on the premises. Our facility is under CCTV surveillance as well.
  • What security measures are employed within the space?
    All the cabins are locked by the security personnel on duty at 9PM. The security personnel is on-duty overnight to ensure safety of all our possessions.
  • Are cabins locked at the end of the day?
    All cabins are locked at 9PM, the set of keys are maintained by the security personnel.
  • How is the building secured?
    Ministry of New is located on the 3rd floor of Kitab Mahal, we have an overnight watchman on duty. The entrance to the building is locked by 10PM everyday and is guarded as well.
  • What are the charges for shooting within your space?
    If you wish to shoot at Ministry of New please send an inquiry using our contact form. A costing is done based on number of days, rooms that will be used and any assitance required during the shoot.
  • When is the space vacant for a shoot?
    We accept shoot days on the weekend, usually a Saturday or Sunday as we do not wish to disturb our members. We do make exceptions on certain occasions, please do send us an inquiry through the contact form, so that we can book you in.
  • Can a member host an event?
    We encourage our members to host events within our space. If you wish to host an event, please send us a brief and a desired date to
  • What equipment am I provided with for an event?
    When you host an event you are provided with mics, a projector, a T.V, speakers, white boards, stationery and tea and snacks. There is a charge levied for refreshments. Please be specific about your requirements when you write in and we'll work towards arranging them for you. Send an email to
  • Can I present and promote my personal brand or my company at Ministry of New?
    We work extremely hard towards promoting and encouraging our members in their endeavours. You can definitely present and promote either your company or your personal brand to your fellow members. Please consult with us and we'll be able to guide you on how to do so in the best possible manner.
  • Can I sell or promote my product at Ministry of New?
    You can sell and promote your products when placed appropriately, for example, during a suitable event. Please consult with us and we'll give you suggestions on how to do this best. However, day to day product promotion is not allowed as it would disturb members.
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