Frequently Asked Questions


Masks and PPE

All of our staff and team members wear masks and gloves while cleaning up the space. We also kindly request all members and their guests to wear a protective mask while interacting with anyone else in the space.

If you are seated at your desk and working alone, you can remove your mask and place it in a secure location

Disinfection of space

Our staff is continiously disinfecting and cleaning all high contact surfaces with the best material available. On Saturdays, our staff carries out an extensive clean-up of the space to make the space spotless and clean.

If you’re unwell or have a feeling of coming down with something

We urge you to stay at home even if you have the slightest feeling of coming down with something to protect yourself and others working in the space. Don't worry about your membership details as we will take care of that. We just want you to be heatlhy and fit while working in the space.

On arrival to the space

On walking in to the space we urge you to use the hand sanitiser and disinfecting sprays for tables/chairs/equipement provided by us. Multiple stations with sanitizers and disinfectant are placed throughout the space for your use.

Guests of Members

For health and security purposes, it is important that we know who is spending time in our space. We mandatorily require any guest of the members to register their contact details on arrival at the front desk.

To ensure we can accommodate as many members as possible under the new social-distancing guidelines, you are permitted to bring one guest to the space.


Space Rearrangement

We already have sufficient space for everyone to maintain a suitable distance while working. If you feel that a particular space is too crowded please wait a while or inform our frontdesk on the available spots in our space to sit from.


All of our invoices are sent digitally with a payment link provided. In case of any issues please do let us know so that we can send you an alternate link which will allow you to use your membership out here. We strongly advise for a non-cash interaction.


The lift can be used with a maximum capacity of only two people at a time. We also have staircases with which one can come up to the space.

Cafe and Food provision

We have freshly brewed coffee along with limited food items being freshly prepared in our cafe. All necessary disinfectation procedures are carried out by our housekeeping staff and barista on a daily basis for equipments and surfaces.

We also have our own cutlery and equipments including a microwave/fridge which members are most welcome to use. We urge you to clean up after yourself once done eating.


All our member and public events our currently only digital. Once we are allowed to program physical events we shall, capacities will be limited and social-distancing guidelines will be in place to keep you safe.

Hours of usage

We are open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm. We are shut on Saturdays for our extensive clean up of the space with Sundays being a day for all of us to rest.

Space capacity

We want to accommodate as many members as is safe, therefore we ask you to use the work desk you are assigned to for the day. Of course you are free to use the other areas for lunch and other breaks.