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Take Five Session - Nikita Rana

Jun 12, 2018

Content and PR. Nikita showed us the best hacks on Content and PR. This was a nudge in the right direction for marketers, PR peeps and content creators who were present for this session who were trudging through the big bad world of ever-changing algorithms full of fickle millennials.

Things we all learnt were - Content has to be honest and it doesn't have to be video, choose the social network that works best for your audience. Facebook likes are easy and affordable but they may not be worth your time, go slow on PR. If you pivot, it will always be held against you - to name a few. Nikita Rana is a former CNBC TV-18 correspondent who now makes tech videos, runs a PR company and does research for authors. An Eng Lit grad from Sophia College- Mumbai, she crossed over to the dark side in 2014 (after her MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai) and now believes that great content has to marry great PR for anything to sell.

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