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Member Spotlight // Garima Popawala

Founder, Two Create - Influencer Marketing & Digital Content Co-Creation

// Membership: Nomad // Instagram: @garima_parekh //

happy coworker at a shared workspace

"Before becoming part of the Ministry of New community, I worked in digital media and PR agencies for 5 years, my last stint being at FoxyMoron. I quit my agency job to start my own company primarily to find balance better work and home in addition to wanting to learn and grow professionally by taking up entrepreneurial challenges. With my company Two Create, we encourage brands to co-create content across digital platforms using creative influencer-driven campaigns and experiences to strengthen credibility and advocacy.

Why she loves working at Ministry of New

When I first started working on my own company, I worked from home. Although it was great to have a sense of agency over my own time, it got a bit boring and monotonous. Coming to Ministry of New changed all of that because I was amidst like-minded people and started to see the potential of my ideas grow. You also get to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in various industries as the members come from such diverse fields and have so much insight to offer."



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