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MoN Member Spotlight : Aasim Khan

Consultant specializing in telecommunication and technology // Instagram: @aasim.a.khan

If you're a regular at MoN, chances are you've seen this bright-eyed, laptop-wielding young man, usually full of beans, donning a crisp shirt and jeans. Currently working with Innovation Technology Platform to develop a solid infrastructure for 5th generation (5G) mobile network, Aasim's knowledge of tech & places to grab a quick lunch in the neighbourhood are unmatched.

Bringing 5G to India

Aasim works seamlessly with the government and all the major telecom operators in the country to bring in a Hybrid Free Space Optics and Radio Frequency link technology to India. If that's not awesome enough, he also recently began helming two projects in Hydro-electricity and wind farming! With diverse interests and ambition to boot, when we asked him about his guiding philosophy, he said; "You have to climb the ladder of life, one step at a time. There is no substitute to hard work."

Why he loves working at MoN:

"With professionals and artists from diverse fields and backgrounds here at the Ministry, one gets a really fresh and interesting perspective on things, which opens the mind to new possibilities and creates new avenues for creativity. The interesting roster of events exposes you to so many different schools of thought and methods. It keeps me inspired and curious!" For any questions you may have about telecommunication, 5G, lunchables, hydro-electricity or wind farming, drop Aasim a note via social media.

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