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Friends With Benefits

Updated: Jan 29

It’s always more fun working together, especially if that is your style. Teams are built for a reason, but what if your team is strung together based on mutual appreciation for 90s rap, double chocolate chip ice cream and the fact that you went to college together? These aren’t the teams we’re talking about; but we’ve noticed that lots of people enjoying working with their friends at home, at someone’s studio or a local coffee shop. How does that go again?

You leave home with immense gratitude in your heart and a spring in your step. After all, how many people are fortunate to have friends who offer you a spot in their shared studio for free? The comfort level of working from your friend’s cozy space and still having your own desk, wow, this combination is as good as pepperoni pizza and cold beer. You land up there and get down to work. But hey! Your friend is having an easy day and wants to go down for ice-cream. You can’t say no to someone who’s helped you out, can you? The ice-cream melts into a long walk, the long walk drifts into a winding conversation, the winding conversation ends up at a shopping mall, the shopping mall opens into the nearby watering hole – now that too, on a Monday.

And now, picture this. You visit Ministry of New for your free trial day (anyone can do this!) and you’ve got access to supersonic WiFi, great coffee, front desk services, printing, meeting spaces, conference rooms, bright sunlight and of course, a buzzing community of freelancers, entrepreneurs and all-round awesome people. You can set your own schedule, work flexi-hours and choose to work from a different workstation every day – sometimes from the standing desk in the Gallery, at other times from the surf-board swing – there is no one to tell you otherwise. No favours, no terms and conditions, no obligations. There are no pesky colleagues or whimsical friends, only potential clients and current creative collaborators. Let alone drifting away on a Monday, you find it difficult to leave work – even on a Friday.

So what exactly are you waiting for? Forget about working from home, with friends or from crowded cafes and join us to take your workday to the next level. Find out about our memberships here, or stop by for a free trial day.


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