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Five Local Ingredients w/ The Pantry Cafe

Updated: 3 days ago

If you’ve ever been to Kala Ghoda, it’s hard to miss the sunny corner The Pantry Café calls home. This is somewhere that celebrates healthy living with organic and farm fresh produce, and is also one of our Breakfast Club partners! The food they serve is always fresh with many ingredients sourced locally. We wanted to know, where did they manage to find such yummy produce and ingredients? Here’s what they had to say!

Black Rice

We source our black rice from Taru Naturals which we use in our Black Rice Pudding. Black rice is far healthier than white rice and is high in antioxidants. It’s also locally available and indigenous to India which makes it an attractive option for our menu.

Black Rice Pudding


Who doesn’t love a little cheesiness? We are obsessed with La Ferme’s cheeses, made by the citizens of Auroville in Pondicherry. Their products have no preservatives, artificial flavours, colours or emulsifiers which gives them a completely unique texture and taste.

Local Cheese


Did you know that you could find an ingredient as exotic as miso, locally produced? Allahabad Organic Farms make their own miso that we use in a variety of dishes such as our Miso Good Pizza and Purple Yam Gnocchi with Miso Butter.

Purple Yam Gnocchi with Miso Butter

Teas, Moringa, Mangoes and Wild Greens

Vrindavan Farm is an ode to all things natural and local. They combine traditional techniques and knowledge with biodynamic practices to create products that are always a cut above the rest. Have you ever tried a Moringa Latte? Why not make today the day you do!



Once you start drinking kefir, we promise you will be hooked. A natural probiotic, kefir is a fermented milk drink, that tastes a little bit like lassi. We use Mo’s Kefir in most of our seasonal smoothies and smoothie bowls to give your gut that extra bit of love.

Kefir Smoothies

The Breakfast Club is a monthly, #membersonly event where we partner with a restaurant to provide a delicious brunch-y spread or have our members potluck their favourite dishes. Just one of the perks of working from Ministry of New!


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