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Breakfast Club w/La Folie

Each month, we host a Breakfast Club with either a brand that we love or with a potluck by our members. For February, we had the unique combination of the two! When it comes to breakfast you really can't go wrong with oven fresh croissants and delicious koign-ammans. Apart from the yummy treats, this is a time for our members to really hang out with each other, take a break from the workday and just unwind. Each month is unique and February was no different.

Here are five reasons why we love La Folie:

1. Chef Sanjana Patel's European style and attention to detail.

2. That we have the option of three beautiful locations: Bandra, Lower Parel and Fort.

3. The fact that we can now learn how to make our favourite La Folie dishes! The Classroom by La Folie offers amazing classes like Vegan Desserts, Sweet & Savoury Tarts and Wedding Cakes for Beginners.

4. The quality of the produce they use and their commitment to source sustainably.

5. Dessert, chocolate, baked treats: need we say more?

If you or someone you know is interested in hosting a Breakfast Club with us, email


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