Take Five Session - Raj Seth

Mar 5, 2019

Moving thoughts to action. Building a habit of making prompt decisions is almost more important than making the right decision each time. In this 15th session of our Take Five series, Raj shared the top 5 choices a founder can make in the early days of their venture.

Queries like - do I want to run a business or a company, do I want to be a solo founder or a happy co-founder, am I creating imaginary bottlenecks that are preventing me from moving to the next step, and so on, were well discussed during this session. Raj is a serial entrepreneur who recently sold his last company Recruiterbox.com (founded in 2012) to a PE Fund in San Francisco. He also wrote a hiring guidebook for startups called prePARE and has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and on Foundr.com.


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